Mother is criticized for giving her baby an acrylic manicure. People warn that they’re “highly dangerous”

We know that when something is trending, we see it everywhere. This has been the case with clothes, haircuts, shoes and even nails. If a few years ago the French style manicure was “very fashionable”, today acrylic nails, of several centimeters of length, are stealing all the attention. However, while everyone has accepted this trend and many women already get them, when it comes to defending a baby, it seems that no fashion trend can win.

We’re talking about the case of a mother, who’s been harshly criticized on social media after posting that she’d done this popular form of manicure to her baby, who’s only a few months old. The situation sparked horror among users and they accused her of “going too far”.


Through her Facebook account, the woman, whose origin is unknown, posted a series of images of her baby’s tiny hand, showing clearly how the little one is wearing quite long fake nails.

Alongside the controversial images, the mother proudly flaunted her work, saying: “I can do your babies’ nails. Send me a private message for more info. Cheap rates.”



As we can see, the photos show a woman holding the hand of a newborn, who appears to have received several different manicures with long false nails attached to her tiny hands.