Man received 30 offers after handwriting CVs to look for a job. He didn’t have any money

When people are unemployed and no longer have the financial means to go out and look for work, they find themselves in a distressing situation. Some people don’t even have the money to print out their CVs, which leaves them in a never-ending cycle.


This is what happened to Angel Medina, a 44-year-old man from the city of Hermosillo, Mexico, who in his desperation to find a job, hand-wrote his CV on sheets of paper that he taped to lamp posts around the city.

On those sheets, the man wrote his name, his contact information, and the things he knew how to do, such as handling cattle, milking, making cheese, taming colts and raising animals. According to Angel’s documents, he was looking for work on a ranch. In addition, the man explained that the sheets were handwritten because he didn’t have the money to print many documents.

El Imparcial

“I am looking for work on a ranch, I have experience in handling cattle, I also know how to herd, milk, make cheese and tame foals. My name is Ángel Medina, 44 years old, I have no bad vices,” the papers read.

According to El Imparcial, Ángel lost his son and soon after his job, so he was in a difficult emotional and economic situation, which led him to carry out this desperate search for employment.

El Imparcial

This attracted the attention of the neighbors in the area, where the sheets of paper were taped, so they wanted to help him. The information spread by word of mouth until it reached social media and newspapers, who began to search tirelessly for the author of the handmade CVs.

More than 30 job offers came in for Ángel, who accepted an offer from Guadalajara to work in a local business. “You think that things are always going to stay this bad, but the truth is that they don’t. Sometimes things go wrong, but then the good things come along. That’s what happened to me,” the man said.