“Come with less makeup”: Young man accuses bar in Argentina of discrimination after they didn’t allow him entry

Despite the movements that defend diversity and accepting one another, there are still hundreds of cases occurring where discrimination is present. Without going any further, a young man in Argentina wanted to emphasize that this continues to happen, and much more often than we think.

It turns out that Diego, a 24-year-old young man, got ready to go out to a bar in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. To do so, according to his preferences, he decided to put on makeup. However, the bar didn’t like it at all when he showed up with makeup, and they didn’t let him in.

Instagram @diekenn

Through his Instagram account, Diego made a public complaint addressed to Baroné bar, a place he’d attended accompanied by his sister and a friend of his. Due to the allowed capacity because of the pandemic, the three decided to drink while they waited to be able to enter, but minutes later, everything changed.

While waiting to get put on the waiting list, the young man points out that they ignored them “because he had makeup on. In fact, they told me to wear less makeup next time. It seems to me that this kind of attitude, for this current era, for this century, whatever you want, doesn’t work.”

Instagram @diekenn
“It seems discriminatory to me. I basically think it’s sh**. I’d like to make it known that discrimination still exists, and that protests aren’t just fun and games, far from it. Discrimination exists and it happens here every day. Enough”, added Diego.

After the commotion caused by his complaint on social media – which currently has more than 900,000 views – the Argentine media TN contacted both parties, both Diego and the bar, to get a better understanding of their version of the events.

As for Diego, he stated that “they clearly told me that I couldn’t enter because I was wearing makeup. They had a list at the door for people to sign up so they could enter when the place had more space. They didn’t want to write us down. The truth is that we didn’t want to stay much longer, we paid and left. We’ll never go back to that place”.

For his part, the owner of the premises, Jonathan, claims that he had no idea about what happened and that he immediately called Diego to apologize. He also said: “I spoke with all the staff and none of them reported any problems to me on Saturday night. If I find out who the person who discriminated against you is, they’re going to suffer a sanction, because I am against these attitudes”.


Acts of discrimination must always be reported.