Car dealer hires a stray puppy. He’s the company’s new watchdog

I’ll dare say that there are three kinds of people. Well, actually there are many, but for this specific story, we’ll talk about three. First, there are those who see someone else going through an unfortunate situation and do nothing. They just decide to ignore it. Then, there are those who notice the disadvantageous situation and, even though they’re saddened by it and sympathize with it, also do nothing. The third is the most beautiful kind, and will be the kind that’s starring in the story we’re going to share today. It’s those people who decide to act and help those in need.

This is what the workers at this Hyundai dealership, allegedly located in Brazil, decided to do. It turns out that the employees (according to a Facebook post) agreed to adopt, provide food for, shelter and «employ» a stray dog that used to roam around the area asking for food.

Facebook: VOM Noticias

The case became viral through social media, along with images of the dog receiving his well-deserved company badge, which he’s now a part of:


Facebook: VOM Noticias

“This puppy was walking daily outside this HYUNDAI agency, until one day the workers decided to adopt him and incorporate him into the team. Now, he wears a company badge that even has his photo. They feed him and he sleeps in the room. What a sweet gesture.”

indicated VOM News on Facebook

The post quickly surpassed 45,000 reactions and was shared 83,000 times. The car company’s workers also received hundreds of congratulations. It’s an extraordinary example that, by doing our part and coordinating with some colleagues, we can change anyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat or even a person, kindness is a value that should never be lost, and even less so during the pandemic, when thousands of people need a helping hand.

Facebook: VOM Noticias

As a famous phrase by Mother Teresa of Calcutta says: «He who does not live to serve, does not deserve to live.”